Exhilaration on every drive 

An ever-better experience for an ever-better car. 

Toyota GR Yaris is a car made by people united by one passion: winning.

DEVELOPED IN COLLABORATION WITH TOYOTA GAZOO RACING WORLD RALLY TEAM, THE GR YARIS INCORPORATES KNOWLEDGE AND TECHNOLOGY FROM THE PINNACLE OF MOTORSPORT. GR Yaris can compete on every surface in the Wrc, yet still deliver true sports car feeling every day, on the roads YOU tackle.

visit toyotagazooracing.com/gr/yaris.

Bringing back the Toyota sports car by Morizo

“I have continuously thought that I wanted to bring back the TOYOTA sports car.

The 86 was an important companion for me in both rallies and circuits. The Supra was also revived as a car worthy of the name. But I still wanted a sports car that TOYOTA made with its own hands. That thought was always in my heart.

 I also wanted to make a sports car that would incorporate the technical skills and abilities we developed by competing in the WRC.

To win races. To build a car capable of doing that. Then, adapting the car so regular people could also drive it. How do we do that? GR YARIS was created based on this completely reverse concept.”

Master Driver

“GR Yaris is fast on every surface, yet very forgiving and easy to drive. Us WRC drivers tested the GR Yaris during its development phase, and supported in tuning the suspension and the new GR-FOUR all-wheel drive system. By working together with Toyota engineers, we were able to capture the rally car feeling into a road sports car.”

Tommi Mäkinen — Four-time World Rally Champion

GR Yaris technical specs

Max power: 261 Hp.
Max torque: 360 Nm.
0-100-km/h: 5,5 sec.
6- speed manual gearbox
GR-FOUR 4WD system
Weight: 1280 kg.
Width: 1805 mm.
Length: 3995 mm.
Height: 1455 mm.

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